Gian is a sophomore in UP-Manila, taking up Organizational Communication. He likes to take photos and drinks his days away with Del Monte Four Seasons.

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Flag Counter 02/24/2014

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Been an awesome past few days with these people and this place.

Will always be a frustrated chef! Haha!

I didn’t have exams today so upon waking up at 12NN (yes, welcome back to my life 10-hour+ sleep!), I decided to bake cupcakes! Basically they’re just from a cake mix I found haha but I made the frosting from scratch. They’re Devil’s Food cupcakes with cocoa buttercream frosting :-)

Funny enough, I just realized when I was about to ice the cupcakes that I lost my piping bag couplers hence the messy frosting haha! Man, I really missed baking.

Here’s to more baking adventures for the rest of my ‘summer’!

Hi Gian! :) I'm Ayiin from Miriam College. Ang ganda ng photos mo! i wonder if nagaaccept ka ng pre-debut shoots? :)

Hey there! Aww thanks :-) I don’t really do pre-debut shoots on my own, but I’ve done pre-debuts with Shoot UPM! Send us a message at our Facebook page or email us at :-)

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